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Economical and easy to use, the UTG-1500 is a "World-Class" microprocessor controlled Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge. Currently our entry-level model, these ultrasonic thickness gauges are designed for measuring thickness of metallic and non-metallic materials, as long as the top and bottom surfaces are parallel. Utilized in many different areas of industry, the UTG-1500 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges can perform precise thickness measurements on various types of raw materials, component parts, and assembled machinery. Ultrasonic Thickness gauges are also often used to monitor all types of pipes and pressure vessels for loss of thickness due to corrosion.

The UTG-1500 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges are simple to calibrate, using a built-in standard, and the gauge will produce accurate and precise readings in inch or millimeter to .001"/.01mm.

Technical Specifications:

Display type
Minimum display unit

Large 4-digit LCD
0.001" / 0.1 mm

Measuring range: 0.040" - 8in. (0.1mm-200mm) in steel w/standard probe(other values depending on material)
Lower limit steel pipes Min. dia. 0.8in. x 0.1in. (20mm x 3mm)
Display accuracy: +-0.1mm
Sound velocity range 1640 – 29,527 ft/s (500 - 9000m/s)
Operating temperature 32-122 degrees F (-5 – 40 degrees C)
Frequency 5MHz
Update range 4Hz
Power supply 1.5v AA alkaline batteries (4pc)
Battery life Approx. 250 hours / battery set
Dimensions 4.9 x 2.6 x 0.9in. (161x 69 x 32mm)
Weight 0.7lbs (300g)
Operating current <20mA (3V)

Table of basic sound velocity of various materials:


Sound velocity (m/s)

Aluminum 6260
Iron 5900
Copper 4700
Brass 4640
Zinc 4170
Silver 3600
Gold 3240
Tin 3230
Glass 2350
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